domingo, 2 de junio de 2013

Coming soon: Web Framework Comparison between JSF 2, Spring MVC, Tapestry, Grails 2 and Wicket

In the last months, I have been working on update and expand the web framework comparison to include more frameworks, like JSF 2, Spring MVC (using JSP and Thymeleaf), Tapestry, Grails 2 and Wicket.
The intention has been to provide a fair, detailed and accurate comparison. Not only publish some information or draw some graphs from nowhere, but provide details about where the data came from and give the readers the chance to try things for yourselves. In that way, other teams involved can check the demo applications and see if the applications are correct or maybe propose changes.

I hope the demo applications can be useful to people that just wants to see how some typical tasks are done using a specified web framework.

One of the big failures other people has done in web framework comparisons before, has been do not take into account the particularities involved in each web framework. Guess what: in real life the small details really matters, and can change the whole picture very quickly.

The comparison has lots of complex details, but to make it easier for the readers, I'm working on create a series of articles in JSFCentral that describes all work done and resume the previous comparison between JSF 2 and Wicket.


Article about web framework comparison at JSFCentral Part 1
Article about web framework comparison at JSFCentral Part 2

Keep tuned, I hope the article will go out soon :-) .

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