lunes, 12 de septiembre de 2011

Confluence Wiki Documentation and new JSDocs for MyFaces Core

A common question by users of MyFaces is where to find detailed documentation about MyFaces Core and other projects in MyFaces. Usually this information is scattered in multiple places and usually it is outdated.

With the intention to provide a sorted, well structure and easy to read  documentation, a new place [SEP 2011] has been created to host the documentation related to MyFaces Projects using Atlassian Confluence:

The idea is have a better reference documentation, with updated links to all generated documentation, taking all documentation from the old wiki and writing some new information only known by committers of the project at the moment.

To ensure up-to-date documentation, MyFaces Core uses myfaces-builder to take all information directly from myfaces sources and generate some useful reports when using myfaces like the web context param list:

Additionally, a new jsdoc has been generated and can be consulted on:

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